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Tigers: A.P.E.S currently houses 3, which can eat on the average of 5-10 lbs of raw meat a day: Captive Life Span: 20+ years Number in Wild: Less than 7000 Threat: Loss of habitat and illegal hunting of tigers and prey.

Leopards: A.P.E.S currently houses 2 Captive Life Span 20+ years Native to Africa and Asia

Siamangs: A.P.E.S currently houses 10 of the endangered lesser apes. Captive Life Span: 30+ Years. Number in Wild: Less than 300,000. Native to Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra. Threat: Habitat Loss


Lemur: Captive Life Span: 25+ years. Native to only Madagascar and the Comoro Islands. Threat: Habitat Loss