The Animal Preservation and Education Sanctuary is a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization.  Our mission is to provide a permanent sanctuary in a safe and enriching environment for wild and or endangered animals in need of permanent lifetime care.  We maintain these animals in a safe and enriching habitat in accordance with state and federal regulations and in fact exceed these requirements.  The Sanctuary also provides educational programs for the public.  These programs inform the community about these endangered animals ans their need for conservation in the wild as well as their need for protection in captivity.

All of the animals housed at A.P.E.S were born in captivity, and were rescued.  A.P.E.S. was started by Brad & Amy Osborne in 2006. From then till now it has been funded privately by them. Any donations go directly to the animals in the form of food or new housing additions. Board members and workers are volunteers and receive no compensation.

If interested in programs that we provide please contact us through e-mail:  amy@apesplace.com

Be sure to check out the wonderful article about A.P.E.S. by the Daily Commercial.

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