Step Into the Wild with the A.P.E.S.

The Animal Preservation and Education Sanctuary is a non-profit Organization. Our mission is to provide a permanent sanctuary in a safe and enriching environment for wild and or endangered animals in need of permanent lifetime care. We maintain these animals in accordance with state and federal regulations and in fact exceed these requirements. The Sanctuary also provides educational programs for the public. These programs inform the community about these endangered animals and their need for conservation in the wild as well as their need for protection in captivity.

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At our sanctuary, you have the opportunity to be surrounded by them! We are fortunate to have 9 Siamang apes. You may be asking yourself what the difference is between an Ape and a Monkey? Click to learn all about them!


Tigers are one of the most endangered species and at our sanctuary, we are very privileged to be able to give you the opportunity to see a tiger up close!


You can come and see 3 Ring-Tailed Lemurs, 3 Brown Lemurs, and 1 Ruffed Lemur!! You will be amazed by hearing the squeaks and barks each vocalize throughout your visit to our sanctuary!


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"We were out for a visit and we were so impressed. Both Brad and Amy have done a wonderful Job caring for the animals, you can sure tell they are passionate about what they do. Keep up the good work!" ---Denise Klingbeil